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Day 2 - Updating the blog and working on Synthesis

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Started off pretty excited today. Did a quick workout - decided to keep it short today (it is friday afterall) and start the usual routine Monday onwards.

While refactoring some of the clustering logic for UserBit, I started feeling ill. I caught a bug, and unfortunately it is not the kind I can fix by typing away on a keyboard.

Worked on clustering

Productivity was definitely low but I was happy I could get some work done in between sipping theraflu and tea. Clustering logic is almost complete and I am now working on the ability to add a summary for clusters. Idea being that yes, you can have multiple cards within a cluster but you should be able to bubble up the insight you gain from these direct quotes and cards.

I also think there should be a way to tag each cluster, to define priority etc. Will do more research on this.

Updated this blog

In addition, I also worked on updating the blog a bit now that I’m going to be updating it more frequently.