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Day 3 - Progress on Synthesis and time with family

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Happy Saturday! One of the issues I was having with Clusters is how to layout the various actions assciated with a cluster - edit, delete, summarize etc. I was initially thinking about a toolbar like solution but realized that at different screensizes, horizontal space in each cluster is very limited.

After iterating over a few different solutions on my sketchbook, I decided to look at how others have tried to solve this. Trello puts all the associated actions for a list in a dropdown. At first glance, it seems like it costs the design in terms of discoverability of actions. However the fact that every action is hidden behind this “more” dropdown, actually works in design’s favor. Anything you want to do with a list, you’d have to click on that icon.

Ultimately I decided to go with a similar approach. Cluster functions and card functions are now mostly implemented.

Family time

I also spent some time with family and discussed my plans for this year regarding UserBit. Not having a steady source of income for the year is a huge risk but family’s encouragement and support helps keep me motivated.