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Day 4 - Coffee with a purpose

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Some validation and discussion on UserBit

Spent some time with my buddy and fellow UX pro going over his process and discussing UserBit. One of the interesting things that came out in this conversation was importance of user stories in his process. It was interesting because I haven’t heard anyone else talk about it being one of the integral steps. Affinity diagrams, HMW questions and use of personas have been brought about plenty of times but not user stories.

However in my friend’s case, he is using user stories pretty much like a scope document. A complete picture of the functional requirements from the user perspective.

What are user stories?

User stories are just short descriptions of a feature from the perspective of a persona. They are usually written in the form:

As a < type of user >, I want to < goal > so that < reason >

It is another way of interpretting the affinity diagram that actually comes from the agile world. You go through the interview data, perform clustering and then looking at your clusters along with business goals etc, come up with statements like above. I believe clustering in UserBit can help create user stories as well. I need a way for people to make a list of insights/stories/summaries on top of clustered data.

Open source work

Since I’m working on UserBit full time now, I find it useful to take a break once in a while and do some work on my open source projects. So I spent some time today working on allowing sorting multiple columns at once on vue-good-table. All in all, not a totally unproductive Sunday :).