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Day 5 - It officially begins

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vue-good-table work

Started the day by updating the documentation site and fixing some issues there. Wanted to club in some fixes in the outgoing release. I think I might keep Sundays for good table updates.

UserBit Summary replaced with findings

After thinking about it more, I realized that just summarizing the cluster is not enough. Each cluster of cards may come with multiple findings, insights etc. It is better to allow people to create a list on top of clusters. Gif shows how this currently works.

Next steps

  • I need to polish the sidebar a bit
  • Project summary needs to be populated
  • Ability to assign colors to users/stakeholders
  • need to add several hooks for synthesis events

I need to get UserBit in a state where I can start getting some Beta usage out of it. Need to pick up the pace a bit.