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Day 8 - Colors for all, Offline mode and Facebook office visit

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Enable adding color to stakeholders and users

UserBit Person Form

Added the ability to pick a color with each person one adds in UserBit. This not only allows for differentiation between people, but also is useful for Synthesis stage. As we work with clusters, it is good to know what quotes came from which users. The color marker on the card nicely showcases this allowing for further patterns to emmerge for findings.

Offline mode for UserBit

Also explored the offline mode with UserBit. Some things work but there are certainly things that need to be resolved. For example, if there’s no internet connection, and I load a user’s response… there’s none saved in cache so response is blank. When I start typing it up it treats it as a new response. Need to figure this out.

Facebook office visit

This wasn’t related to UserBit :). Went to visit a close friend there. This was my second visit there and once agian I was impressed by how much free stuff they offer to their employees - foods, gelato, drinks, even an electronics vending machine (picture above). What was more exciting for me was to see all the non-work related classes they offer their employees like pottery, painting etc.

It sure would be nice to have an office space for Crayon Bits one day :).