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Day 16 - Google Office Visit, Julia Interview and Wordclouds

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Google Office Visit

Google NYC office is incredible. The amount of free food and amenities provided to the employees has you unsure of whether you should be amazed or be angry at how much money these companies have. On one floor you’d feel like you’re in a willy wonka factory of foods, while the other you’d find a restaurant where chefs are serving small, carefully plated high-end dishes. You would see employees wearing google swag casually walking past these kitchens made specifically for teaching and taking cooking classes or the gameroom with pool tables and arcade games, while you stand open mouthed staring at the magnificence of it all.

Overall, I enjoyed my visit (and the free food) thoroughly.

Hangout with Julia

Had a very productive conversation with Julia who is a lead UX researcher at a well known email/marketing solutions firm. Found out about some qualitative analysis tools that UX researchers use for affinity diagrams and such. I did some research into them and they seem not only prohibitively expensive for smaller firms and individuals but also are very much overkill for what UX research requires (at least in my opinion). It was good to see that there is a market for where I’m trying to position UserBit. I am most excited to have her test out the app once it is ready for alpha release.

Wordcloud Implemented

word cloud

While researching through some of the qualitative analysis apps, I realized that they feature wordclouds to bubble up themes and important topics in text. I think a visual representation of important words by weights could be very useful for cross case analysis of interviews. I spent some time last night to implement my own client side wordcloud for UserBit. It was a quick win that I think has a lot of value going forward.


  • I need to polish the sidebar a bit
  • Project summary needs to be populated
  • Ability to assign colors to users/stakeholders
  • figure out how to do stakeholder findings
  • Offline capable
  • add description to sitemap nodes
  • Need to add several hooks for synthesis events
  • Export for question & answers
  • Implemented wordcloud for cross-case analysis
  • Export Synthesis?
  • Security rules
  • Export for sitemaps
  • Landing page
  • Beta terms


  • Contact Dean - No Response
  • Contact Terran
  • Contact Rebecca round 2
  • Interview Terran
  • Interview Juliana
  • Get Rebecca on-boarded (scheduled for Sunday)