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Day 20 - Access rules, export synthesis, delete project and more

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20th day was pretty productive and I believe I’m now ready for Alpha.

Access rules Implemented

Implemented tiers in the backend to allow for access levels and respective permissions. Still need to work on showing the correct messaging on the frontend but the infrastructure is now in place.

Delete Project Implemented

Deleting project is tricky given each project potentially has many subcollections that should not be orphaned upon deleting of project. This took some thinking and work to get it to work. I needed to implement delete to allow for tiers to work properly. If a user has permission to create 2 projects, they should not be allowed to create the 3rd project. However if they delete one of the existing projects, they should be able to create a new one.

Delete Answer Implemented

Deleting all content from an answer should now delete the response completely as opposed to having a blank response.

Export Synthesis

Implemented the export for synthesis - this creates an excel file with the clusters, findings and cards.

Exciting times coming, can’t wait for more UX peeps to test UserBit out.


  • I need to polish the sidebar a bit
  • Project summary needs to be populated
  • Ability to assign colors to users/stakeholders
  • figure out how to do stakeholder findings
  • Offline capable
  • add description to sitemap nodes
  • Need to add several hooks for synthesis events
  • Export for question & answers
  • Implemented wordcloud for cross-case analysis
  • Export Synthesis
  • Security rules
  • Beta terms
  • Export for sitemaps
  • Landing page


  • Contact Dean - No Response
  • Contact Terran
  • Contact Rebecca round 2
  • Interview Terran
  • Interview Juliana
  • Demo to Rebecca (scheduled for Sunday)
  • Get Rebecca on-boarded
  • Get Juliana on-boarded