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Day 22-32 - Japan Vacation

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I have always wanted to visit Japan and when I got the opportunity to actually do it, I took it. I thought the timing was good - right before UserBit starts getting its first users. The trip was amazing! Japan is a beautiful country with some of the most delicious foods, most beautiful temples and shrines. My favorite part of the trip though, were people. Japanese culture is so polite and people overall so nice and helpful!

During the trip I didn’t spend a lot of time on UserBit. I did use some of the 14+ hour plane rides to plan things out for the next few weeks. It is time to get back into the grinds and double of the customer aquisition efforts along with finishing up beta product.

ps: I was a bit disappointed to see no new signups - will have to check out if there’s an issue with the signup process.