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Day 86-89 - Implemented Stakeholder & User Groups

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Implemented Grouping (Phew!)

It was a tall order to pull this off in such a short time. It is a big value add though and I hope the users think so as well. What am I talking about? The ability to group users and stakeholders into groups.

Not only is this feature good for organization but it’s necessary to allow for diversity in question sets. I don’t want to ask technical stakeholders the same questions I would ask the CEO so the ability to have different question sets for different groups is very important.

I decided to section off this functionality behind a pay wall because I want people who’re doing more sophisticated work to pay for the platform so that they can get better support.

Pricing restructure

I took this opportunity to also make the pricing workflow more robust. I wanted to come up with a way to have individual users also enjoy unlimited access to the app. Previous pricing structure only allowed teams to get the privileged access.

So now pricing is as simple as can be - $10 for indivs or teams.

work work work!