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Day 92 - Strong reddit post, more paid users and more bugs!

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First, the bug

A new user decided to invite their entire team on UserBit! 🎉 right? I was both excited and nervous because team stuff hasn’t been tested thoroughly yet. and of course, murphy’s law is a real thing — I got a message from the user right away that invitations are not working.

Talk about going from a high to a low in a second. They sent out invitations, emails went out, people joined and nada. Teammates couldn’t accept the invite because there was nothing to accept. I was almost sure that there’s no way these folks will stick around after a bad experience with the app like that.

Luckily, they not only reached out through email, but also joined the slack where I could converse with one of them in real time. Long story short, the problem was casing of emails. If there was a mismatch in email casing vs., the invitation would go out, but once the person joins, they wouldn’t see any pending invites.

I was able to resolve this quickly and thankfully they did not cancel the plan. I intend to make sure to follow up later today.

Make it more user friendly

The conversation made me realize that a lot of team stuff is not self-explanatory and I need to make the workflow more user friendly with the right copy at the right places. I spent the rest of the day doing that.

Strong Reddit post

The reddit post this morning gained some good traction. I got a good number of new signups including the paid users. One important statistic was for a while video watching had a 1:1 mapping with conversion. I’m starting to think that video is actually a really good conversion driver.

Overall a very drammatic day. I look forward to getting some sleep.