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Day 98 - Testimonials section on the site

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One of the happiest moments

Asking for testimonials is something I was truly hesitant/nervous about. Seeing the usage these days, I am confident that UserBit has value and is a product people need. What I wasn’t sure about was how people would react to me asking for a few words about UserBit.

To my surprise, the response overwhelmed me. People LOVE userbit! I feel so grateful for the response I got back. Here are a few of my favorites:

UserBit has been extremely helpful in our UX research process. UserBit helps me manage all of the various interviews and tests being conducted and analyze them effectively. As the only researcher on the team, its important for me to have tools that allow me to do my job as efficiently as possible, sometimes without the help of other teammates. I’ve been able to conduct interviews by myself without worrying about taking notes in an organized fashion, UserBit does the work for me. Additionally, being able to quickly synthesize multiple interviews cuts down on a lot of time I usually spend combing through various documents and scripts.

Another one

UserBit is the first app that has everything I need for UX Planning! It helps me stay organized by creating and storing all my interviews, personas, and sitemaps in one place. Not only does UserBit help me stay organized, it also allows me to track key insights and synthesize data! It saves me so much time (and stress) and allows me to focus on the work at hand.

This is one heck of a motivation boost for me! I will do everything I can to make sure UserBit continues to be valuable to everyone that cares about the field and their products.

I spent some time incorporating a few of these testimonials into the landing page today.