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Day 102 - thumbnail for Product Hunt launch

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Creating PH assets is not easy. You have to compete with 100s of products launching the same day and there are many assets to come up with. Thumbnail being one of the most important one. It is what grabs people’s attention in a list. People use different strategies to make it stand out. From static images to 80s flash attack.

I was originally going with a boring old text type of thumbnail that tells you about value prop in a very boring way. My wife suggested that I use one of the illustrations I had created originally for UserBit. It is also featured on the main page.

I thought it was a fantastic idea, and worked on an animation where we zoom into each segment of the illustration and point out the features of the app. I also made it kind of slow and mellow hoping that it’ll stand out in a myriad of flashy discrete thumbnails.

fingers crossed 🤞, lets hope it does the job.