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Day 104 - Product Hunt ready 😻

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Ok! Today is day 104 since I started work on UserBit. Over the last 3 months, UserBit has grown from just an idea into a fully functional platform.

I have put every waking (and sometimes sleeping) hour of the last 104 days into UserBit and I feel ready for a launch.

Got really positive feedback on my post preview and some really good guidance from Aaron from product hunt community. Can’t thank you enough, man!

Launch Asset Checklist

  • info — name, tag, description etc.
  • thumbnail — a gif as it is recommended
  • video — had to learn a lot to make this happen and I’m proud of the result
  • first image — also a gif this is what will be shared on twitter
  • screen shots — important screens to give people a feel for what it looks like
  • first comment — to get the conversation started and give people a window into what it took to make UserBit happen

Plan for the day

  • wake up at 3am make sure the post is up
  • share with maker community 😍
  • pinned twitter post about the launch
  • twitter post thanking vuejs
  • linked in post later in the day
  • stay on PH and answer questions
  • stay active on slack and answer questions/welcome new users
  • monitor analytics and dashboard to make sure nothing goes down


I have used UserBit to plan out UserBit itself so in a sense I am the very first user of my own product… and without a doubt it is the best platform for product research and ideation! 🤣

Jokes aside, this has been a very intense 104 day session. A lot of learning and a lot of work. Today (technically tomorrow 4 am) I’m launching UserBit to a bigger audience. I have my fingers crossed and my focus strong. Regardless of how the launch goes I’m proud of what UserBit is and I’m going to continue to work hard (even harder now) to make sure UserBit becomes integral to good product design. We’ve only just begun!