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Day 145-151 - UX collective newsletter, enhancements, paid team and more.

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Organic growth

UX Design collective newsletterUserBit got published in ux design collective news letter. This brought close to around 1k people to visit the site. out of that I got 186 signups. 18% conversion rate is not bad but I truly think that it can be better. See later: I made some improvements to landing page. let’s see

Prototypr blog — UserBit also got featured in prototypr blog last week.

I am getting a lot more relevant traffic from blogs and UX specific forums so I think that’s where I’ll focus my growth efforts going forward.

I onboarded another team of 3 this week. They tested UserBit out for a good month with real projects (along with competitors) and decided to go with UserBit for their team. This further validates that UserBit is providing real value to teams and I couldn’t be happier.

There’s a team of 5 that’s currently evaluating UserBit. Their feedback has been very positive thus far.

New Features

Images in Notes

One of the most requested feature was the ability to add images to notes. I implemented this last week and I think this will further enhace UserBit’s ability to serve as a central repository for research. In the coming days, I hope to add videos to the notes as well.

One consideration that I have to keep in mind here is storage expense. I’ll have to come up with a file management system as teams start running out of space.

Save a set of tags as a persona

This is something I wanted to do for a while. Using tags to filter through analytics makes a lot of sense to uncover insights. However how do we empathize with a collection of tags? We don’t. We empathize with personas. We need to somehow be able to view our filters not as tags but as something we can characterize. Thus a crucial step in this process is taking a collection of tags and saving it as a persona with personality, goals and frustrations. I implemented this just y’day and I’m really excited to roll it out.

Landing page improvements

I wanted to better showcase what UserBit is all about on the landing page. How it’s about the workflow and not just the tools.

I wanted to come up with a cool 3D rendering of it and contacted someone on reddit to see if I could afford it. Upon hearing my budget the artist said, and I quote:

That sounds more like a comission amount than an actual budget.

Haha… well from small beginnings come great things. So I made a 2D illustration myself and it’s not half bad If I say so myself.

Meeting with Invision

I also got contacted by Invision this week. They wanted to understand what UserBit was all about and to see if there are any parternship opportunities. I talked to them freely about what UserBit is. I told them I’m not looking for grants and I’m not at a point where I can start working on integrations. I asked if I could get some mentorship or guidance from invision team (since they offered they wanted to help products that are for the good of the design) but their interest kind of trailed off once I mentioned that I didn’t need grants or wasn’t ready for integration.

Good meeting regardless. No free lunch as they say :)

Overall mood

This journey seems to be full of highs and lows. I am realizing everyday that entrepreneurship is more about persistence than anything else. It is also the hardest thing to do — Keeping the level of work consistently up in the low times or the high times without getting emotionally bogged down. I’m trying my best to learn and practice this skill of consistency and persistence.

I also am seeing little to no value in stressing out and trying to rush things. That is a recipe for disappointment. Things take time — building something takes time. Building trust takes time. Building an audience takes time. Building a following takes time. Regardless of 1000s of companies and people offering the quick win services… there’s no quick win. So here’s to consistency and persistence.

See you next week!