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Day 44 - Started work on Persona features

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Persona Feature

I’ve had this itch to create the persona feature for the last few months and even though initially I wanted to push this off to phase 2, I just couldn’t resist. This is the second last feature I want to implement before going on road shows. The last being the team functionalities. I have one common goal while implementing all of these features - I keep asking myself throught - How can I make this simple for the UX designers? Can I make it any easier than this? If the answer is yes, I need to implement it that way regardless of how much extra work it is on my end.

There are many pain points in creating a persona that frankly shouldn’t be. With UserBit I’m trying to address this

  • Generate names automatically - getting hung up on what name to give our persona is something I’ve seen way to often. UserBit offers a way to generate names automatically

  • Generate pictures - UserBit also allows to automatically fetch a picture for the persona based on gender specified.

  • Many other usability delights

It was a late night and I suspect it is going to be long hours this weekend but I aim to have this ready on the other side of the weekend.


  • I need to polish the sidebar a bit
  • Project summary needs to be populated
  • Ability to assign colors to users/stakeholders
  • figure out how to do stakeholder findings
  • Offline capable
  • add description to sitemap nodes
  • Need to add several hooks for synthesis events
  • Export for question & answers
  • Implemented wordcloud for cross-case analysis
  • Export Synthesis
  • Security rules
  • Beta terms
  • Profile Page
  • Feedback Mechanism
  • Billing setup
  • Landing page graphics
  • Landing page implementation
  • Export for sitemaps
  • Implement Analytics tracking events
  • Demo Project
  • SEO improvements
  • Share Project
  • Persona Feature
  • Create FAQ Material
  • Figure out how to structure teams


  • Contact Dean - No Response
  • Contact Terran
  • Contact Rebecca round 2
  • Interview Terran
  • Interview Julia
  • Demo to Rebecca (scheduled for Sunday)
  • Set up a meeting with Logan set up for next Wed.
  • Set up Google Ads
  • Refine Welcome Email
  • Implement conversion tracking on analytics
  • Set up a meeting with Peter (scheduled for Wednesday)
  • Get Julia on-boarded (scheduled for Monday 4pm)
  • Go to design meetup with Logan (next wednesday)
  • Create Marketing Material
  • Get Rebecca on-boarded
  • Submit to betalist
  • Apply for intercom startup package
  • Get connected with Emily (Symphony)