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Day 152-190 — Focus on product, usage stable, live demo.

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So it has been a good 39 days since I last wrote. I kept pushing it off and working on the features. I’m sorry — I should write more often as it gives me a chance to reflect on what I’m doing. I’ll try to be better.

As expected, a lot has happened over the last ~40 days. We have around 2k users signed up. Not all of them are active of course, It is stabilizing around 80 active users per day.

I have completely neglected the paid ads… so that’s top priority in the next few days. I need to review how the ads are doing either shut them down or make adjustments if I see potential.


I gave a couple of demos to companies that wanted to see more about UserBit. I felt really good about the demos and companies received it well. I think I’ll need to create a video series of demo.

Too small for us

A few bigger companies have backed out of trying UserBit when they find out that there’s only one person supporting it.

First of all congrats to all the work you have done! UI & UX of Userbit is more than impressive. Its more or less exactly what we are looking for from an online platform. On the other hand as we are a company of 600+ employees we need to select a tool that not only fulfills our needs but also will be secure & stable 24/7. I am sure you can understand our concerns when the whole project is run by one guy only ;)

I totally understand that and can’t do much about it right now. Hopefully I get to a point later this year where I can boast about a solid team to bring these companies on board. Hey, at least I’m on the right track :)

Healthy Changes

Over the last few months I was becoming overly stressed about revenue, and not growing in size, product stability etc. etc.

I had a moment of clarity last month that I am doing this for the love of building something in a field I enjoy. So what if I’m not growing like the next guy with VC funding? I don’t want to. I would rather grow a solid business that I can direct, than a rocket ship that is in control of me.

So I slowed down. I have been putting more time into things I like to do and less time on things that stress me out. I still need to do them, of course, but they are not the top priority for me.

Another healthy change that I’ve started is scheduling regular 1-1s with people I enjoy the company of. Solo founding a company can get lonely. This is the single biggest pain point I have experienced and to counter that, I needed to find a way to still be social. This is working wonders for me.

I have also started meditating again.