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Day 40 - Demo project and bug fixes

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Demo Project

A good way to see the various features within UserBit would be to have a readily available sample project that you can use as a reference. I’ve spent the last day trying to create one that I can share with all beta users.

An added benefit of this is as I’m going through creating a realistic project, I’m running into a lot of real world scenarios and discovering both technical bugs as well as usability issues.

For example, I had used the master-detail pattern for going through the questions as one is conducting an interview. I thought this would be good, given that in an interview you might need to jump from one question to the other regardless of the order.

When I used it for a real interview though, I realized that as you go down the question list, the answer panel remains on the top and maybe hidden from view. You have to now scroll back up to answer which is quite annoying.


I used a more traditional pattern:




this feels a lot more natural for note taking.

There were a bunch of other bug fixes as well but I won’t go into details of those.

This demo project is taking a while - it just goes to show how much work research really takes. Imagine if I were doing this all manually on notepads/word documents. Everyday I’m more convinced of UserBit’s value.