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Day 39 - First User

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Landing Update

I’m always unsure whether the landing page I’ve created will convert or convey the message I want it to convey. This is not easy. Anyway, I looked over the landing in the morning and I put myself in the potential user’s feet to see if it answers the few quick questions I might have:

1. What is this?

I think the hero does a decent job here with the tag line and the main illustration to quickly tell me that this is a UX platform and allows me to do things like Stakeholder Interview, User Interview, Synthesis, Sitemaps etc.

2. Why do I need this?

I didn’t think this was clear enough. So I spent some time coming up with illustrations and copy to reflect why. The result is now part of the UserBit Beta landing page.

Sitemap Hooks

I realized that I hadn’t finished the sitemap functionalities. I needed to create rules about how many sitemaps to allow for which tier and logic for handling limit-reached errors. Moreover, I also needed to add hooks for notification so changes to sitemaps would show up on project activity.

Welcome Email

I also spent some time improving Beta welcome email to make it more informative about the Beta program.

Spent more time understanding and refining the ad campaign. It is now enabled. And we got our first sign up last night! What excited me most about it is that it wasn’t a bounce. App engagement was high and it gives me hope that there’s something useful here.


  • I need to polish the sidebar a bit
  • Project summary needs to be populated
  • Ability to assign colors to users/stakeholders
  • figure out how to do stakeholder findings
  • Offline capable
  • add description to sitemap nodes
  • Need to add several hooks for synthesis events
  • Export for question & answers
  • Implemented wordcloud for cross-case analysis
  • Export Synthesis
  • Security rules
  • Beta terms
  • Profile Page
  • Feedback Mechanism
  • Billing setup
  • Landing page graphics
  • Landing page implementation
  • Export for sitemaps
  • Implement Analytics tracking events
  • Demo Project
  • Create FAQ Material
  • Figure out how to structure teams
  • Persona Feature


  • Contact Dean - No Response
  • Contact Terran
  • Contact Rebecca round 2
  • Interview Terran
  • Interview Juliana
  • Demo to Rebecca (scheduled for Sunday)
  • Set up a meeting with Logan set up for next Wed.
  • Set up Google Ads
  • Refine Welcome Email New
  • Implement conversion tracking on analytics New
  • Create Marketing Material
  • Get Rebecca on-boarded
  • Get Juliana on-boarded
  • Set up a meeting with Peter (scheduled for Wednesday)
  • Meet with Logan and get him on boarded (scheduled for Wednesday)
  • Submit to betalist
  • Apply for intercom startup package