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Day 75-77 - Intro Video for my SaaS - UserBit

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Making an intro video is tough

There’s a good reason I was procrastinating on making a video. Anything that I feel that I might not be able to do a good job at, I’m hesitant to do. Nevertheless, it had to be done. It took 3 days of non-stop editing, animating and trimming to get something decent. Here’s an outline of the approach I followed:

Step 1: Research

I went through a ton of other SaaS videos. Most turned out to be explainer videos. What I really wanted to create was a launch video. Something that excites people about the features of UserBit. I could only find a few videos and they all had voiceover artists and really nice animated story telling. I don’t have the skills, budget or time for creating something like that.

While running in the gym though, a verizon ad came on tv. It was simple, powerful and mostly text. I thought that could be something I could go for.

Step 2: Music

A big shoutout to bensound for offering royalty free music that is actually pretty good. I went through their selection and found something that I thought could work

Step 3: Script

I decided to jot down everything that I wanted to showcase in the video. At max I wanted to have 1 and a half minute worth of content.

Step 4: Get to work

Camtasia is godsend when it comes to creating video. Here’s the result that I intend to use for launch:


  • I need to polish the sidebar a bit
  • Project summary needs to be populated
  • Ability to assign colors to users/stakeholders
  • figure out how to do stakeholder findings
  • Offline capable
  • add description to sitemap nodes
  • Need to add several hooks for synthesis events
  • Export for question & answers
  • Implemented wordcloud for cross-case analysis
  • Export Synthesis
  • Security rules
  • Beta terms
  • Profile Page
  • Feedback Mechanism
  • Billing setup
  • Landing page graphics
  • Landing page implementation
  • Export for sitemaps
  • Implement Analytics tracking events
  • Demo Project
  • SEO improvements
  • Share Project
  • Persona Feature
  • Update Billing to reflect team
  • Implement team functionality
  • Implement team billing
  • Figure out how to structure teams
  • Create ability for self-interview
  • Implement forgot password
  • Create ability to move cards between clusters
  • Allow trial period for teams
  • User Story Feature
  • Key Insight Feature
  • HMW feature New
  • Point of View Feature
  • Create FAQ Material


  • Contact Dean
  • Contact Terran
  • Contact Rebecca round 2
  • Interview Terran
  • Interview Julia
  • Demo to Rebecca (scheduled for Sunday)
  • Set up a meeting with Logan set up for next Wed.
  • Set up Google Ads
  • Refine Welcome Email
  • Implement conversion tracking on analytics
  • Set up a meeting with Peter (scheduled for Wednesday)
  • Get Julia on-boarded (scheduled for Monday 4pm)
  • meetup with Logan (next wednesday)
  • get Logan on-boarded
  • get Prateek on-boarded
  • Create Marketing Material
  • Submit to betalist
  • Create a slack group for users
  • Send email campaign to existing users
  • Get feedback from Prateek
  • Write a personal medium blog
  • Demo to clemens
  • Get clemens onboarded
  • Send New Year email campaign with update #2
  • Send email campaign to waiting Beta Users
  • Create intro video for UserBit New
  • Get Rebecca on-boarded
  • Apply for intercom startup package
  • Get connected with Emily