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Day 91 - Press Kit and a weak Hacker News Post

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Press Kit

Had to do some research to figure out what exactly goes into a press-kit. There are 3 main media assets that one would need

  • Logo — various sizes and file formats, also the variations of logo itself (monochrome, colored etc.)
  • Screenshots — product images of important screens
  • Video — UserBit’s intro video
  • Company Info
  • Founders — pictures, story
  • Press release — this is something i’m still investigating as to how to write one

You can see the press page here

Hacker News

A disappointing post on hacker news. Did not get much traction, a few people definitely came in, but very few signups. About 30 people came to the site from there and got only about 5 signups, so overall not very fruitful.

Maybe hackernews is not the right channel? or maybe I messed up with the timing?